Diamorph is certified according to ISO9001: 2008 and ISO14001:2004. 

Diamorph AB (publ) ISO9001 Certificate (English)
Diamorph AB (publ) ISO9001 Certificate (Swedish)
Diamorph AB (publ) ISO14001 Certificate (English)
Diamorph AB (publ) ISO14001 Certificate (Swedish)


Corporate Policy

Based on customer needs, the demands from the society and our own organisation, we constantly work to:

  • Be continuously curious, innovative and even adventurous in all of our current processes and in exploration of new ideas.
  • Be nimble in everything that we do, responding quickly to changes and approach challenges with a flexible mindset.
  • Aim for zero defects.
  • In case of failure, analyse and learn to improve our business.
  • Continuously improve our operations at all levels.
  • Minimise environmental impact and prevent pollution.
  • Follow current environmental legislation and other requirements.
  • Promote environmental awareness among our employees and other stakeholders.
  • Meet our customers' expectations regarding quality and environmental aspects.


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